Thursday, April 14, 2016

Off into Oblivion, Once Again

“Never again.” I had told her, but she didn’t listen. “Never again.” Yet here we are. She didn’t learn anything. I was dragged along, and now look where I am. It had seemed fun at first, just like it always does.
    “A little adventure.” She would say.
I don’t know how she did it. Her sea blue eyes locked with mine, she pulled me towards her, and she whispered in my ear, “Come on Jack. You know you want to go. It will be different this time, I promise.”
When I said “OK,” she put her lips to mine, but for just a little while, and we were off.
We traveled up the hill, through the forest, and across the river. There, she finally saw a cave and decided to explore. Our clothes were soaked from the river, so I took off my shirt. She whooped at that. Oh, how her smile makes me happy. Into the cave we went. Everything was black, so we locked our hands together and proceeded forward as one. After a little while, we came upon a group of bats. So that we didn’t scare them, I pulled us over to the wall, and we crept past the bats slowly. Once we were past them, a light appeared a few hundred feet in front of us. From there, I hurried us out. That cave was not so pleasant.
Out! We were finally out, but she wasn’t done yet. There was some sort of beaver dam in the middle of a large river, and she was determined to cross it and get to the other side. I went first, to make sure it was safe, and motioned for her to join me. Our weight together was too much for the dam, and down we went. Rushing water pounded on top of us, and I realized we needed to get out fast. Then, I saw her go down. She wasn’t coming up. I dove down under the water, and saw her foot stuck under a large log. I went to pull it free, but then a large stick jabbed me in the back. I went back up for air, and dove right back down to free her. I could see that she was at the point of passing out, so I used all of my strength to move the log, and she was free.
When we both had finally struggled back to shore, down I went. Blood was spewing from my back, and I couldn’t bear the pain. Luckily, she had her water resistant backpack with her (who knew she would think to bring that), and quickly set to work unloading the supplies and bandaging my wound. After I took the Advil, everything was steady once more. I was able to stand up and move normally. I started to pull her in the direction of home, when she planted herself in the ground, and started to protest. At last she stopped, and suggested that we should at least have lunch. The food lightened my spirits, so I agreed to hike a little farther.
That’s when she found the rock, well boulder, or really, cliff. The climbing began. It wasn’t too hard, and after a couple slips and a hard pull, we had made it to the top. That’s when we realized that there was no other way off the cliff. There was no hill on the other side, nor a nice place to jump down from. We were stuck. Then, she peered over my shoulder, told me to turn around, and that’s when I saw it. A beautiful lake with the sun reflecting off of it. Our shadows were also reflecting off the water. It would have been a very artsy photo, well, if I had my camera.
Now I’m stuck. She manages to do this every time. How could I let her drag me into this? I looked over to her, “What will we do now, Cassie?”
She looked at me, our eyes locked, and she took my hand. “The same thing we always do,” she said, “We jump out of it.”
That’s when I got what she meant. We turned towards the lake, she looked at me with a smile, and we jumped. Oh how I love that smile.

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