Thursday, April 7, 2016

If Only Fantisies Could Become Reality

           Haven’t you ever dreamed of something that just wasn’t possible? Those are called fantasies, and I have had one for a while. A magical garden growing in my backyard has always been a dream of mine. Of course you can paint one or pretend to have one, but just imagine what it would be like to have a real magic garden. Unique flowers everywhere. Berries that can turn you into a frog, but just for a little while. It all sounds amazing.
There are just so many possibilities for each and every plant. One that really interests me is the ability to create music using multiple plants. By touching the flower of a plant, you could create a sound more beautiful than any flute. Touching many flowers at once would create a perfectly harmonized piece of music. For example, if you were to touch the petals of a Blue Bell, you would hear the strong, incredible sounds of church bells.
Another possibility would be for a plant to create fireworks. Touching daisies would set off mini fireworks that disappeared into the air after a couple of seconds. Plus, each different colored daisy would set off a different colored firework. For example, placing your hand on the top of a yellow daisy would cause a yellow firework to burst out of the flower and glisten before you.
Finally, a possibility greater than I could imagine would be for each berry found in the garden to do something different. The colors of the berry wouldn’t even matter. You would just have to try out each berry and see what happens. An example of this would be if you found a yellow berry on a bush you had never seen before. You eat it, and suddenly realize that you can see a new color that had never been discovered. Say you found another yellow berry, ate it, but suddenly you were in a different place. The last thing you remember was eating that berry. Your mother then tells you that you fell asleep outside, so she took you inside to your room. That berry had caused you to fall asleep!
There are so many things that could happen and occur in a magic garden. If only fairy tales were true and magic wasn’t a trick, then fantasies could become reality.

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