Thursday, April 28, 2016

There Must be Realizations in Order to Better Yourself

Hey! So, below is a poem representing an event in my life. I wrote it for week 7 of the Student Blogging Challenge. Enjoy it! See if you can get anything out of it.


I stand outside
I see the world
From the smallest ant to the largest home
There are prairie dogs in the field,
And ladybugs on the flowers
The sun is shining ever so bright,
And at night,
The moon lights up the evening sky
Showing me the stars and the galaxies beyond
And I wonder to myself, “Who am I?”
I am a giant to the ant,
But a dwarf to the tree
And really, they were put there for me
Surrounding my home is a yard full of fun
And inside my home the family I know
I stare outside of the fence,
And see all my friends
Running around in their houses,
Playing pretend
I turn around in a circle
I can see the mountains
Surrounding my life, and everything within it
As I keep turning, I can see my dog
Playing and digging with the biggest heart
I am halfway around, and I see my home
Standing tall and sturdy,
A large home, I know
It’s very important, and cost quite a lot,
But in the end,
That’s not what matters
Then, I see my mother on the porch
Smiling and waving, then hurrying back inside
My energetic siblings needed to be occupied
Then there was my father, preparing steak for dinner
He smiles
I smile
And then, I finally get it
The ant and the tree my home are sure great
And I love the way the steak’s prepared on my plate
But my family of six stands out most of all
The way we laugh and play outside
The way they help me with school
It’s not the money
And my large home isn’t home
Without the family to make it home
They love, care,
And will do anything for me
It’s a realization I will never forget
That my family,
And everything I get
Make me one lucky girl
Luckier than others
And I appreciate that
In this big, big world

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  1. I love your poem!!! It captures your feelings nicely.