Thursday, April 28, 2016

There Must be Realizations in Order to Better Yourself

Hey! So, below is a poem representing an event in my life. I wrote it for week 7 of the Student Blogging Challenge. Enjoy it! See if you can get anything out of it.


I stand outside
I see the world
From the smallest ant to the largest home
There are prairie dogs in the field,
And ladybugs on the flowers
The sun is shining ever so bright,
And at night,
The moon lights up the evening sky
Showing me the stars and the galaxies beyond
And I wonder to myself, “Who am I?”
I am a giant to the ant,
But a dwarf to the tree
And really, they were put there for me
Surrounding my home is a yard full of fun
And inside my home the family I know
I stare outside of the fence,
And see all my friends
Running around in their houses,
Playing pretend
I turn around in a circle
I can see the mountains
Surrounding my life, and everything within it
As I keep turning, I can see my dog
Playing and digging with the biggest heart
I am halfway around, and I see my home
Standing tall and sturdy,
A large home, I know
It’s very important, and cost quite a lot,
But in the end,
That’s not what matters
Then, I see my mother on the porch
Smiling and waving, then hurrying back inside
My energetic siblings needed to be occupied
Then there was my father, preparing steak for dinner
He smiles
I smile
And then, I finally get it
The ant and the tree my home are sure great
And I love the way the steak’s prepared on my plate
But my family of six stands out most of all
The way we laugh and play outside
The way they help me with school
It’s not the money
And my large home isn’t home
Without the family to make it home
They love, care,
And will do anything for me
It’s a realization I will never forget
That my family,
And everything I get
Make me one lucky girl
Luckier than others
And I appreciate that
In this big, big world

Food, it's an Essential, Making our Infinite Choices Seem Pretty Great

Hey everybody! I haven’t posted for the Student Blogging challenge lately, so I dedicate this post and my next post to weeks 6 and 7 of the Student Blogging challenge.

The United States is a very odd country, when you consider food. We have kind of taken up foods from all over the world and either revised them or kept them exactly the same. A lot of times, you can find a restaurant committed to the culture and food of a certain country. An example of this would be an Indian restaurant, which is where you can find Indian cuisine that has originated from India. Plus, there are just the normal (to us) foods that we will make at home for dinner. There are so many foods that we favor and love, making it very hard to keep track of all of it. Below, I have provided you with multiple examples of these foods, in the form of a slideshow. Enjoy learning more about our culture and how food relates to it! Click the link below to leave me some information about food in your country!

Click the link below to leave me some information about food in your country!

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Off into Oblivion, Once Again

“Never again.” I had told her, but she didn’t listen. “Never again.” Yet here we are. She didn’t learn anything. I was dragged along, and now look where I am. It had seemed fun at first, just like it always does.
    “A little adventure.” She would say.
I don’t know how she did it. Her sea blue eyes locked with mine, she pulled me towards her, and she whispered in my ear, “Come on Jack. You know you want to go. It will be different this time, I promise.”
When I said “OK,” she put her lips to mine, but for just a little while, and we were off.
We traveled up the hill, through the forest, and across the river. There, she finally saw a cave and decided to explore. Our clothes were soaked from the river, so I took off my shirt. She whooped at that. Oh, how her smile makes me happy. Into the cave we went. Everything was black, so we locked our hands together and proceeded forward as one. After a little while, we came upon a group of bats. So that we didn’t scare them, I pulled us over to the wall, and we crept past the bats slowly. Once we were past them, a light appeared a few hundred feet in front of us. From there, I hurried us out. That cave was not so pleasant.
Out! We were finally out, but she wasn’t done yet. There was some sort of beaver dam in the middle of a large river, and she was determined to cross it and get to the other side. I went first, to make sure it was safe, and motioned for her to join me. Our weight together was too much for the dam, and down we went. Rushing water pounded on top of us, and I realized we needed to get out fast. Then, I saw her go down. She wasn’t coming up. I dove down under the water, and saw her foot stuck under a large log. I went to pull it free, but then a large stick jabbed me in the back. I went back up for air, and dove right back down to free her. I could see that she was at the point of passing out, so I used all of my strength to move the log, and she was free.
When we both had finally struggled back to shore, down I went. Blood was spewing from my back, and I couldn’t bear the pain. Luckily, she had her water resistant backpack with her (who knew she would think to bring that), and quickly set to work unloading the supplies and bandaging my wound. After I took the Advil, everything was steady once more. I was able to stand up and move normally. I started to pull her in the direction of home, when she planted herself in the ground, and started to protest. At last she stopped, and suggested that we should at least have lunch. The food lightened my spirits, so I agreed to hike a little farther.
That’s when she found the rock, well boulder, or really, cliff. The climbing began. It wasn’t too hard, and after a couple slips and a hard pull, we had made it to the top. That’s when we realized that there was no other way off the cliff. There was no hill on the other side, nor a nice place to jump down from. We were stuck. Then, she peered over my shoulder, told me to turn around, and that’s when I saw it. A beautiful lake with the sun reflecting off of it. Our shadows were also reflecting off the water. It would have been a very artsy photo, well, if I had my camera.
Now I’m stuck. She manages to do this every time. How could I let her drag me into this? I looked over to her, “What will we do now, Cassie?”
She looked at me, our eyes locked, and she took my hand. “The same thing we always do,” she said, “We jump out of it.”
That’s when I got what she meant. We turned towards the lake, she looked at me with a smile, and we jumped. Oh how I love that smile.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Becoming a Millionair Doesn't just Happen

    Throughout my whole life, I have worked very hard to do the best in school and get the best possible grades I can. During elementary school, I always was a top student and excelled in everything, but my good grades weren’t really rewarded. It wasn’t until sixth grade in middle school when I was greatly rewarded for my hard work.
    It was the first year of middle school, but also the hardest one that I had ever gone through. I was given so much work to do. Some nights, I got home at 3:00 PM, and worked until around 10:00 PM. That is seven hours of homework! Every day was the same drill; coming home, doing homework, going to activities, eating dinner, finishing homework, and then going to bed. At school, I worked even harder to get 100% on every assignment (Sometimes I didn’t though, but not everyone is perfect). All year, I did the best that I could do, and finally, at the end of the year, honor roll came around.
     At my school, we have an awards ceremony called honor roll. To go to honor roll, you have to be specially invited through a letter. At the end of April, all of my friends and a bunch of other kids were receiving these letters, inviting them to go to honor roll. It was getting nearer and nearer to the ceremony, and I still hadn't gotten a letter. I finally decided that I wasn’t going to receive a letter, so I carried on without the hope of going to honor roll.

    Then it came. A small letter, sure, but it was here. A couple days later, I went to honor roll and received a paper saying that I received a 4.0 GPA (or an A in every class). Plus, a coupon for a bunch of free things was also included in the reward. My parents were so proud of me, and I finally had something to show off all of my hard work.
    Sixth grade was the first grade where I actually received a reward for my continual hard work. Sure, I did receive rewards that year from my individual teachers, but this one was the most important. For once, I finally felt like people were seeing and recognizing me for everything I did in school. I really I felt like I belonged.


Thursday, April 7, 2016

If Only Fantisies Could Become Reality

           Haven’t you ever dreamed of something that just wasn’t possible? Those are called fantasies, and I have had one for a while. A magical garden growing in my backyard has always been a dream of mine. Of course you can paint one or pretend to have one, but just imagine what it would be like to have a real magic garden. Unique flowers everywhere. Berries that can turn you into a frog, but just for a little while. It all sounds amazing.
There are just so many possibilities for each and every plant. One that really interests me is the ability to create music using multiple plants. By touching the flower of a plant, you could create a sound more beautiful than any flute. Touching many flowers at once would create a perfectly harmonized piece of music. For example, if you were to touch the petals of a Blue Bell, you would hear the strong, incredible sounds of church bells.
Another possibility would be for a plant to create fireworks. Touching daisies would set off mini fireworks that disappeared into the air after a couple of seconds. Plus, each different colored daisy would set off a different colored firework. For example, placing your hand on the top of a yellow daisy would cause a yellow firework to burst out of the flower and glisten before you.
Finally, a possibility greater than I could imagine would be for each berry found in the garden to do something different. The colors of the berry wouldn’t even matter. You would just have to try out each berry and see what happens. An example of this would be if you found a yellow berry on a bush you had never seen before. You eat it, and suddenly realize that you can see a new color that had never been discovered. Say you found another yellow berry, ate it, but suddenly you were in a different place. The last thing you remember was eating that berry. Your mother then tells you that you fell asleep outside, so she took you inside to your room. That berry had caused you to fall asleep!
There are so many things that could happen and occur in a magic garden. If only fairy tales were true and magic wasn’t a trick, then fantasies could become reality.

magical garden.jpg

How Much do you Really Know?

Hey everyone! I know I haven’t blogged for a while, but boy, one can sure get busy! On another related note, week 3 of the Student Blogging Challenge requires us to write about whatever we want! I decided that I would post something a little different for you guys this time.

            Below are a few quizzes that I thought would be fun for my readers out there to try out and learn more with. Do them yourselves, and tell me your thoughts and answers! Thanks!

                    How much do you know about lacrosse?

          You can find these answers in my blog posts!

Quiz 1 Answers: 1: a, b, d, g 2: d 3: c 4: a (my team ;)

Quiz 2 Answers: 1: d 2: a 3: b or d 4: e