Thursday, February 25, 2016

She May Not be Perfect, but She Sure is to Me

     My whole life I have grown up loving animals. When I was little, my family had two female Labrador Retrievers named Scout and Soda. One Summer, when we moved to the house we now live in, and my parents had to give Scout and Soda away due to the lack of time to play and exercise with them. The thought of not ever getting another dog and losing Scout and Soda caused me to cry off and on for multiple days. It was then time to go to Minnesota (where my mom grew up), and I was able to get the dogs that were previously mine out of my head. On the way back to Colorado from Minnesota, we stopped at a house, and I was greatly confused. My dad then told me to follow him inside, but what I didn't know was that what was inside would change my life forever.
     Two dogs! I was completely frazzled. There were two puppies playing around on the floor, one black and one white. The black one did not like people, and hid or nipped at you when you tried to pet him. The white one was a whole different story. When I walked over to see her, she jumped right into me and I toppled onto the floor. She then started licking my face, and I couldn't get enough of her. It was then when I realized what we were here for. Of coarse the white dog was the one we took home, and the next day we gave her a name of her own.
     Sophie. What a beautiful name, at least to me. For the past eight or so years, I have grown up with Sophie as my best friend. She is there for me when I feel the need to cry, play, sleep, or just take a break. I would literally do anything to protect her and keep her as safe as possible. Sometimes, just rarely, Sophie can be a little, what would you call it, frustrating. Sophie may throw up every now and then (which makes my parents really mad), but technically, it isn't hers or my fault (even though I get blamed for it every time she throws up). I guess what I am meaning to say is that Sophie is just an amazing dog, and I love her for who she is.
     Speaking of who Sophie is, Sophie has an amazing personality. Even at eight years old (which is still young for little dogs), Sophie still shows the puppy in her and is always ready to play. When you see her wagging her tail nonstop, you know that she needs her dose of attention for the day. From playing with ropes to doing tricks or just running around, Sophie always has the energy to do it. Some people may call her lazy at some times, and that is true, but she does need her couple hours of "beauty sleep" per day.
     Sophie is such an amazing dog. She's a friend, a shoulder to cry on, a fun exercise buddy, she has a great personality, and overall, just loves her people so much. I will admit that whenever you talk to me about Sophie, I could never say anything bad about her. There is nothing to say! Overall, Sophie is such a fun, loving, caring dog, and without her, my life would not be the same.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fast, Intelligent, Limber... What is this animal?

     If I heard the word, "Cheetah," I would be in your conversation immediately. Cheetahs are my absolute favorite animals, and I know so much about them. Their main characteristics that I like to mention are that they are fast, intelligent, and limber. Even though cheetahs have many characteristics, these three are the ones that interest me the most.
     First of all, cheetahs are clearly very fast. It is what they are known for. Their lean body, long legs, and tail allow it to run at over 75 miles per hour. The lean, light weight body makes it easier for the legs to carry the Cheetah while running at top speed. The long legs allow the Cheetah to grab onto the ground and push strongly off of it very fast. Finally, the tail helps for the Cheetah to balance while running at top speed. It helps the Cheetah to turn as well.
     Many people may not know this, but Cheetahs are very intelligent. Because of the Cheetah's small, lean, three meter body, they aren't the largest cat, and they know this. An example of this is when a Cheetah is feasting, and a Lion comes along. The Cheetah knows not to mess with the Lion, and simply runs away. Plus, sometimes a Cheetah with catch live prey and take it back to her den to have her cubs practice catching and stalking prey.
     Finally, the way a Cheetah is built allows it to be very limber. The lean, light, and flexible body that a Cheetah has allows it to turn and avoid obstacles at top speed. This is important to a Cheetah because if it couldn't turn at top speed, it would lose it's prey, and if it couldn't avoid an obstacle, it could be hit and end up very injured. Hitting something like a large boulder could even cause a Cheetah to die.
     Clearly, Cheetahs are absolutely magnificent. They consist of many characteristics that allow it to be successful in the wild. Overall, Cheetahs are wonderful creatures with characteristics like no other animal.

Ski to Love and Love to Ski

     Hey everybody! Welcome to my "love of..." month! I know it is past Valentines day, but I am a little behind on my blog posts. The last few weeks have been busy!!! Also (if you haven't noticed), my last blog post was also about "love of...", love of steak that is!

     When I think of love, I think of skiing. Every weekend, I am up in the mountains skiing the bumps, trees, terrain park, and any other run you could think of. Skiing is such a big part of my life. I have not only been doing it since I was three, but it also has been passed down generation to generation. It's amazingly difficult to say how much I love it!
     Even though I am fine with all types of terrain, tree runs would win my vote. Maneuvering through the trees, witnessing the amazing views, finding fresh powder, it all is just so incredible to me. Plus, I love racing my family or ski team through the trees to see who could get to the bottom first (I normally win, hehe!). Telling your crash stories to everyone is just so fun, and hearing people's crash stories is really funny. Really, just having fun and skiing through the fresh powder in the trees to me is priceless.
     Every weekend, I am given the privilege of skiing with my ski team. I learn so much while with my coach and teammates. Recently, I have been able to do a 1-80 (half of a turn) off a jump consistently. It feels amazing once you are able to do a new trick off the jumps! Plus, I am learning and achieving great bump skills, and hopefully, they will help me to win competitions in the future.
     Another reason why I love skiing so much is the family factor. I am able to ski with my family every weekend or every other weekend, making it so much fun to ski. Beating my parents down the hill gives you that sense of achievement, and just skiing with your family gives you great bonding time. Plus my grandpa who is 81 still skis, making skiing feel much more important than it really is. I love to ski with him and show him how much I have improved.
     Trees, different terrain, ski team, and family all make skiing great. Feeling the wind and the cold pinch of winter on your face is just priceless. Overall, I love skiing, and there is nothing that could make me stop.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Did You Say Steak?

        I am one of those people who loves every single type of food you could throw at me, except seafood and junk food. Blech! All of you probably know that kids do not like vegetables, but I could argue with that. I love any kind of vegetable, even brussel sprouts which I would gladly eat plain. I guess what I am trying to say is that I have a “high regard” for food.
        Even though I am fond of many foods, there are two main dishes that I favor the most. The first dish is my Dad’s homemade sesame chicken. The meal is very flavorful including onions, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, chicken, eggs, chicken broth, and cornstarch. This dish is most commonly served with rice and topped with sesame seeds. Altogether, the dish tastes wonderful and is great for a meal any time of the year.
        The second meal that I love is steak with mashed potatoes. Tenderloin or filet mignon (which are the same thing) are my favorite types of steak. I love a nice juicy tenderloin cooked medium and served with creamy mashed potatoes. Even though I like all forms of potatoes, mashed are my favorite. On a cold night, this meal is great to have with the family.
        Overall, most food is great, but two meals take the cake. Homemade sesame chicken and steak with mashed potatoes definitely deserve and receive my vote for best meals.