Friday, October 30, 2015

Archaeology and Tanning

Dr. Emily here! I am an archaeologist, and am working in the field to dig up artifacts that will tell me more about an ancient civilization. I have been laboring all day in the hot sun! It is very hard work digging up all of the artifacts, and I have been out here in the hot sun all day (which was worth it because it gave me a nice tan). It’s very dirty work (and the dirt makes up most of my tan), plus it ends up taking such a long time to dig up the artifacts, but once we do, it is very satisfying.

After digging them up, my partner, Dr. Delaney, and I brush the dirt and particles off, and observe the artifacts up closely. Sometimes we even put the artifacts in a plastic bag to look at them on a later date. We have to be careful though to not touch the artifacts because the oils on our skin are bad for the artifacts. That is why we wear gloves! After digging up the artifacts and brushing them off, we observe them, take notes, and try to come up with a reason for why they are there or what they are used for. Even though it is hard, it is very interesting and educational, and the information we find benefits the whole world.


Thursday, October 29, 2015

All About Me

I am not a small town girl, nor a big city girl. I am very passionate about animals, nature, engineering, family, and many other things. My name is Emily, and this is my blog. On my blog, you will find information about projects that I am doing in school to interesting activities that I do at home. I am part of the STEM program, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The STEM program is made for advanced kids who are interested in areas such as engineering, technology, science, and math. All of these subjects are incorporated into all of my classes to create a better education for me and the other students who do the STEM program. On this blog, you will find many things that have to do with the STEM program, since it is such a big part of my life. If I were to pick out my favorite part of the STEM program, I wouldn't be able to choose. I love the engineering, using technology, the science, and even the math.

I do many things outside of school such as sports. My main sports are lacrosse and skiing, along with tennis, golf, and diving. I have been playing lacrosse for 5 years, and skiing since I was 3. Skiing has been in my family for many generations, so me skiing is just adding onto that chain of skiers. All of the sports I play take up a lot of my time, but they are a big part of my life.

Colorado is where I live, ski, and do all of my other fun activities. I have grown up here in the odd weather forecast, attended school here, and lived my exciting life in Colorado. I also live in Colorado with my amazing family. I have a mom, a dad, three siblings, and a dog. All of these people are an incredibly big part of my life, and I love them dearly. My dog, Sophie, is an important character in my life. She may only be a dog, but she gets me through tough times and is always there for me when I need her.

Finally, I love nature. The animals, trees, bushes, flowers, cacti, deep sea,  all of it. My favorite animal is a cheetah, followed by a penguin and a dog. I am very interested in nature, which lead me to want to become an Environmental Engineer. Environmental Engineers deal with nature and use what we are learning in the STEM program, so becoming an Environmental Engineer would be perfect for me.
There will be plenty of more post related to STEM, so enjoy the rest of my blog and visit often to read about my STEM experience.